How to Find Local Plumbers

It seems like the easiest thing to do when you need a plumber is to go online, search local listings and hire a plumber. Call them, make an appointment and get your repair or other plumbing job done. But, you need to take some time when it comes to hiring a plumber near you. Always deal with licensed plumbers only. This information should be clearly listed on the company website. They must also carry full insurance to protect you and your property in the event of a problem.

Check Online Reviews

You need to sort through several to weigh all the five-star reviews along with any one-star reviews. There will always be some reviews that have been left which are not an accurate representation of the plumber’s true capabilities. Viewing their social media pages is also a good way to see how they interact, if they do at all, with their customers.

Make phone calls to various companies and see for yourself how well they take care of customers. Do they have a live operator answering calls or do they have an automated system?

How long has the plumber been in business? Good ones tend to stay around in the area. Disreputable plumbers tend to close shop relatively quickly. While it is also not always a red flag, be cautious about any plumber that only has a PO address. They should also have a physical address.

Price is the biggest concern of most any plumbing customer. Some companies will offer super low rates. However, these attractive prices can mean one of two things. Either the work is going to be done in a subpar manner, or the quote is a teaser. Once the work is done, the plumber will require additional work at a much higher price. Get a few quotes for general work from several companies to get an idea of what various jobs will cost.

Keep in mind that reputable plumbers cannot give you an exact quote without looking at your home’s plumbing. Ask about guarantees on work that they do. Is it in the form of money back or do they promise to redo the work to a satisfactory level?

Ask if the plumber does any specialty work. For example, do they have water heater repair and installation services if this is something you need? Do they offer 24-hour emergency service? If so, about how much more per hour will they charge?

Ask your neighbors or family members if they have ever worked with the plumbers you have put on your short list. Once you have an idea of the two or three best plumbers to call, you can narrow down your choices when you call them in to give estimates to you.

This is the time to ask how long the plumbing contractor that arrives has been with the company. The best companies will retain the best workers and will also provide them with additional, ongoing training in many cases.  Use these tips, and you will find a great plumber.